Monday, March 15, 2010

Patch 3.3.3 - Updated Pets

i *heart* mmo-champion for bringing us all the latest news from the PTR. some people call it spoiling the surprise. i call it giving me heads up and a tasty preview. it keeps me interested because news is just news; a live version is very different than just reading about it.

they bring us more celestial dragon updates. blizzard has updated the model to include armor on top of it's celestial form. looking pretty sharp! although i must admit i'm a bit partial to it's model prior to this new armored one. the armor's a little over the top for me and i prefer it's more natural looking state, but it's still a gorgeous vanity pet nevertheless. :)

mmo-champ also has a video of Lil' XT in action. i laughed a bit after watching it. it might have been just me, but i half expected its heart to be exposed when it mentioned feeling a bit tired. deconstruct faster!! XD

i'm so very excited and anxious to find out how to obtain these pets!! with so much care and thought used to create both of them, it really does seem like they would be good candidates for the blizzard PetStore huh?
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