Friday, May 21, 2010

All's Quiet... For Now

things have been slow in terms of pet collecting news. alpha testing for cataclysm is currently underway but we've yet to see or hear any news about possible companions due to the NDA policy that's still in effect.

in the mean time, the next big in-game holiday is the midsummer fire festival, which collectors like myself are anxiously anticipating. this event brings the scorchling and spirit of summer to azeroth!

unlike previous years and other holidays, this is one event where i'm hoping they DON'T add a new vanity pet that drops off of the holiday boss due to the change in how holiday bosses and their vanity items will be handled.

i'm still strongly opposed to this change for the time being. however, my hope is that blizzard has heard and has compassion for the collecting community and will offer some sort of compromise/compensation such as a much higher drop rate for vanity items off the holiday bosses.

if they add a new pet that is acquired in the same fashion as the spirit of summer (aka: gathering holiday currency to purchase the companion), i would actually be satisfied with that. i can handle grinding items and "farming". it's closer to being a guarantee (not quite a guarantee though) than a low drop rate from a bag that can only be obtained once a day. working diligently and being determined enough to obtain a non-combat pet feels so much more rewarding than hoping RNG will be in your favor. i'm not sure where blizzard got the idea that the majority of people actually find RNG fun (in any situation, not just collecting items).

well, we'll see what happens come midsummer fire festival. the forums will either be ablaze (see what i did thar? :P) with outcries of dissatisfaction, or they will be relatively calm if blizzard somehow manages to find a balance amongst the majority of communities out there.

for now i'll just continue to sit in dalaran and play with the current pets that i have. it takes a lot of work to go through 132 pets to make sure each one gets some loving!
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