Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pet of the Week - Toothy

this week's review is on toothy, a crocolisk pet obtained through the outlands fishing daily. (i'm actually breaking my rule of randomly selecting a pet to write about this time because companions with back stories are just so much more fun to gush about. :P) toothy is a very significant pet for me, even if he's one of four croc pets. the moment i learned of his existence from the PTR, i was very anxious to start doing the fishing dailies. once the server came up on patch day, i made a bee line straight for old man barlo. after completing the quest i received my reward and what do you know? lady luck was on my side that day! toothy had a new home with me and i had my very first croc pet. for the rest of the day i was on cloud nine with nearly everything going "right." toothy has always been a sort of good luck charm or good luck reminder since then. :)

why i love it
obviously the sentimental reasons outweigh any sort of superficial or cosmetic appeal i may have for toothy. but i must say that i absolutely adore his sort of baby grumble vocalization (on-click). i bet the developers had a blast coming up with what a baby crocolisk would sound like!

he's also such a cheerful little guy, always smiling that toothy grin of his. (harr harr :P) it's hard not to enjoy his company.

what i would change
to be honest, i can't really think of anything. an animation for this pet would be cool but what does a crocolisk do outside of basking in the sun and swimming all day?
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