Monday, May 3, 2010

Pet of the Week - Tuskarr Kite

my tuskarr kite was generously gifted to me shortly after the scourgewar tcg release. a huge thank you since i never expected to get the newest tcg pets! being one out of only two kite pets, i feel strangely honored to own one.

why i love it
it's great if you're a lover of lightning! XD this is just one of those whimsical "pets" that's fun to run around with. it's also quite amusing in raids, especially when the lightning strikes at random. "what was that?! ahhh it's so big i can't see around it!"

being a druid, i especially enjoy running around while in travel form with the kite out. watching the tassels flutter in the wind as it floats behind me; it's almost as fun as flying a real kite irl!

what i would change
much to my disappointment, the tuskarr kite does not change colors each time it's summoned like the dragon kite. so i would definitely add some additional tassel colors to the tuskarr version.

also, i would definitely allow the tuskarr kite to be used while mounted (ground mounts and flying mounts). it just seems like it would be so much fun zooming across the sky with a kite fluttering behind you. that is.... if the tuskarr kite could even keep up with a flying mount.

i wonder if the higher you fly with the kite out, the higher your chances of being struck by lightning. hmm... could be why they don't allow kite flying + mount flying at the same time haha.
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