Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pet of the Week - Durotar Scorpion

the durotar scorpion is one of the 5 horde argent tournament companion pets. as i mentioned before, i was lucky enough to find a horde trading partner on my server. we both had a definite interest in the non-combat pets, so we agreed to exchange one for one whenever we both had enough champion seals. it was a very sweet deal, and one that i'm very grateful for!

why i love it
well i adore just about any creature to critter to companion pet transition. especially one as feisty as the durotar scorpion! it's quite amusing to see it pause as we're running along, and try to take aim at me with his tail. the poison doesn't actually hurt, and most of the time it will whiz right past my head while we're moving.

interesting observation though: poison animation doesn't actually start from its tail! just before the green glob is hurled towards you, a green glow can be seen emanating from the scorpion's mouth. strange, huh?

what i would change
the only thing i can think of at this time that i would change would be the lack of sound from this pet. the classic bug/scorpid scratchy voice as you pass by it made into miniature form for the durotar scorpion would have been a nice final touch.
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