Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feral Vermling Update

Wowhead News and MMO-Champion datamined the upcoming beta patch and the Feral Vermling seems to have gotten an update since we last heard any news about it.

This pet was originally discovered to be the reward for completing the achievement Master Pet Hunter, but after the next beta build it will be rewarded for completing Zen Pet Hunter instead. The tooltip for the achievements might still need some time to update now that a 150 tier was added.

Seeing how this achievement is the last in the "capture" tier, it makes sense to have a reward for this one instead of the tier before it.

One thing that seems odd to me, though, is that this companion is still tagged as a BoU item. I'm aware that all pets will be account wide and many (but not all) will be tradable, and if this achievement is account wide as well it's likely you'll only get one of these pets in the mail after completing it - so it might not really matter so much in the long run. Still, it seems strange that a personal achievement reward isn't BoP.

You can bet I'll be working hard on collecting wild companions in MoP. Not just for this achievement reward, but for the pets in general! :D

Also datamined are rewards for other pet battle achievements. Most notably "Strong Trap" and "Pristine Trap". I'm guessing both are more of spell changes to increase the likelihood of capturing a wild companion during a battle, rather than actual items you can run around and use. Hopefully Blizzard's pet battles blog post (coming "soon" XD) will have more information on this.

Lastly, judging by the string changes, (PET_BATTLE_TRAP_ERR_5 - You already have 3 of this pet) you'll only be able to have 3 of the same pet in your journal at one time. So if you've captured three deer in hopes to find one of better "quality" and attempt to capture one more, that error will pop up and you'll probably need to release or cage at least one before being able to capture another deer.

This concerns me somewhat since there are currently different colors of the same model/pet that exist in the wild. With a cap of three of the same kind, I hope that this means there will only be three to four color schemes for the companions with different versions of it roaming in the wild. Otherwise, how will I be able to choose?! :(

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