Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MoP CE Pet and Terrible Turnip Preview!

Wowhead News and MMO-Champion are reporting a new beta build coming soon, and this time the first preview of the MoP CE pet (AND possible mount) was discovered!

Looks like the collector's companion will be a Lucky Quilen Cub. For those curious what a WoW Quilen is, it's a lion-esque creature, as seen here. So I guess just imagine a smaller, cuter version of that mob as a minipet?

There's still no image or model preview for the new pet, but if it really is a baby Quilen, it'll be the first CE pet in a while that's NOT a whelp. *gasp* Good thing? Bad thing? It all depends on your personal preference.

For me, since I most likely won't be getting the CE version (unless I want to invest in ALL the CE pets that I possibly can), it will just be interesting to see what this new pet looks like. I also find it intriguing that a CE mount (Imperial Quilen) was also datamined. I'm not big on collecting mounts, but I think this will be the first CE mount.

MMO-Champion also has an interesting image that's named "turnippet" - first preview of the Terrible Turnip?! There's an orange version of it as well but the coloring makes it look more like a carrot than turnip lol.

For some reason I'm extremely amused and hypnotized by this possible turnip companion. Could it be it's large, glossy red eyes? It's oddly shaped, er, feet foot? If that can even be called a foot. Maybe "root" would be more appropriate? I can't wait to see the final version of this pet! It doesn't look nearly as terrible as people make turnips out to be. This veggie looks adorable if anything. :P

UPDATE: Wowhead has a 3D model preview of the turnip in all its glory. Judging from the datamined animations, it looks like the Terrible Turnip will likely be similar to other plant-like pets and submerge when idle and then pop up out of the ground to move around. The death animation is especially amusing. XD

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