Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Music and New Achievement

MMO-Champion datamined pet battles music. Yes, pet battles will have its very own music! I normally don't play the game with sounds on, but I'll probably try it out at least a few times to get the full "battle" effect lol. :P

What's more is that it looks as though each race might get their own battling theme. MMO-Champion only has previews for Human and Orc currently, but who knows? More might be added in the future.

How to describe the music so far? To me it sounds somewhat whimsical, while a friend of mine remarked that it reminded him of the original Warcraft soundtrack. I only dabbled in the original Warcraft games, so I can't say if that's an accurate description or not.

There's also a new pet leveling achievement, Newbie. It's pretty interesting that Blizzard felt a need for an even lower achievement than raising a pet to level 5. Perhaps an indication that leveling pets will be more of a challenge than we currently believe? Based on my personal observation, I thought the task to raise a pet to level 5 was adequate enough as a starting point for the tiered achievement. Then again, since battling, leveling and the whole system is still not fully functional and missing possibly crucial parts of the experience, my observations are likely largely biased and incomplete themselves. We'll see how it plays and feels once the entire system is open and ready for testing.

Anyway, there wasn't much in the way of pet-related news in this latest beta update. With E3 going on this week, I'm wondering if we'll see more beta patches or if this will be it for the week.

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