Thursday, June 28, 2012

MoP Beta Achievement Updates - PVE to Collect

Wowhead News datamined a Chain Pet Leash from an upcoming beta build.

No clue how it will be obtained or any details about it. Its tooltip says it's unique and BoP, so it will most likely be the same as the Rope Pet Leash and the Red Ribbon Pet Leash. My initial hopes of finally being able to have more than one companion out at the same time kind of went out the window. :(

Also, from the new beta build - new pet achievements and reward updates:
- A Rare Catch (New) Capture a rare quality battle pet.

- An Uncommon Find (New) Capture a uncommon quality battle pet.

- High Quality (New) Capture 10 rare quality battle pets.

- Quality & Quanity (New) Capture 50 rare quality battle pets.

- Challenge Conquerors: Gold - Guild Edition now rewards the Thundering Serpent Hatchling.

- Newbie now also rewards the ability to trap pets.

- Ling-Ting's Herbal Journey now rewards Hopling.
There are also three changes to a few pet spell tooltips. The addition of "Battle Pet", which makes me wonder if there will be a distinction between a non-battle pet and a battle pet, or if they're one in the same.

I'm not quite how sure how to feel about these new achievements and their rewards. Collectors without a guild or a consistent guild group will likely have trouble completing these achievements and might have problems acquiring the pet rewards. There are still some players who are missing the guild-vendored companions because of the guild requirement. Add to that a requirement to complete dungeons/challenges and this might be a recipe for some serious discontent.

I've never been very fond of mixing PVE content with pet collecting as they're not exactly very compatible styles of gameplay. One requires a team effort while the other is more of a solo endeavor. Combining the two usually leads to some collectors feeling pressured to move into an area of gameplay they might not want to take part in.

Yes, I know it's all "optional", but for a person seeking to collect as many pets as possible, it's not optional or else what's the point of participating in collecting in the first place?

For now, I'll just wait and see how things turn out. Thankfully the pet collecting community is welcoming and supportive of each other. Even with the guild and PVE requirement for a few pets, and although some collectors aren't too keen to head in that direction, many players are still able to obtain these pets because others are willing to open up their guilds to fellow companion-seekers just for the sake of acquiring a specific pet.

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