Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Come From the Woods

It looks like I might not need to be as jelly of priest collectors as I originally thought. Druids get a new fun minor glyph too! Glyph of Charm Woodland Creature allows druids to temporarily "tame" a critter that can't otherwise be captured or collected.

Here are some notes on the glyph/ability:
- It's pretty much the same as Critter Bites except it lasts for an hour instead of just three minutes.

- Unlike Critter Bites, you can only befriend one critter at a time using the Charm Woodland Creature ability.

- There's no cooldown on the ability.

- You can't use it on capturable wild pets - only on normal critters.

- Zoning or logging off causes your new friend to despawn.

- You can have a vanity pet and a charmed critter friend out at the same time.

- Rather than having a "companion" tag, the critter will have a "minion" tag instead.

- There will be purple, swirling glow on top of the critter's head and it's the result of "befriending" it. This animation will remain for the full duration of the buff that's given to the critter.
It's an amusing minor glyph, and while I still think the spriest one is cooler, I could see my druid collector having a bit of fun with this.

One thing that would make this glyph/ability 100x better, though, is if the befriended critter persisted through zoning and logging. It would still only last for one hour and not be considered a true vanity pet, but it would definitely make this minor glyph more attractive.

When compared to other druid minor glyphs, there's not as much point/value in this glyph since it really only comes in handy when you're in a location with a unique critter, and plan on staying in that area for a while.

There are tons of awesome critters out in the world, yet many are exclusive to specific areas or zones. It's such a shame that those critters won't and can't follow me back home or to a raid that I'm attending. Even if I've used my druid powers to hypnotize it to love me. :P

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