Wednesday, January 16, 2013

5.2 PTR: 5 More Pets

More pets have been datamined!
Ji-Kun Hatchling (BoP) - Drops from Ji-Kun in Throne of Thunder
Pygmy Direhorn (BoU)
Direhorn Runt (BoU)
Spawn of G'nathus (BoU) - - Drops from Zandalari Dinomancer on Isle of Giants
The direhorn companions might be the replacement pet that Mumper mentioned on Twitter, after revealing that the Stunted Direhorn wouldn't be ready for 5.2.

The Stunted Direhorn must be amazing to warrant two similar pets as replacements! I can't wait to check them all out though. :)

Wowhead has a 3D model preview of what Pierre will probably look like. It's an animated stove!

Does this mean we should expect everything and the kitchen sink as pets in the future too? :P

I'm curious how we'll get the Spawn of G'nathus. If you're unaware, this pet seems as if it looks and shares a name with a level ?? elite that swims off the shore of Townlong Steppes. It looks like a giant eel.

I had a close encounter with this creature while exploring, and you can bet that I high-tailed it out of there as soon as I saw it lol. I hope we don't have to kill G'nathus for a chance at one of its babies.

Once I patch the PTR, there will hopefully some information on where these pets come from within the Pet Journal.

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