Sunday, January 6, 2013

Prematurely Dropped From Battle

Well that was... something. I spent way more time on the DMF Tamer than necessary, all because of a persistent bug.

What happens is that the game will drop you mid-battle, and your pets never receive any experience, end-of-battle recovery healing, and the quest to defeat any Tamer you're currently up against never completes. It's not a forfeit or early win; essentially, you're prematurely kicked out of the pet battle.

This bug has been around for some time now, but doesn't seem to occur too frequently. At least that's what I thought.

I didn't have any problems late last night when I challenged the DMF Tamer, but this morning... WOW. Only after being dropped from battle 5 times in a row, relogging once, switching realms, was I finally able to win the battle. I SHOULD have won it on the first try, but this extremely irritating bug decided to rear its nasty head and refuse to leave me alone.

During the 5 attempts where I was prematurely dropped from battle I was using the Mechanical Dragonling, Fel Flame, and Darkmoon Zeppelin. Perhaps it's one of those pets that's triggering the glitch?

I was also switching between pets either late or prematurely each time a new opponent came onto the field. So for example, when my Fel Flame bested the tonk and the eye came onto the battlefield, I would dot up the eye first before swapping to my second pet.

I don't know if this also played a factor in whether or not the bug occurred, but after switching out the Darkmoon Zeppelin for the Clockwork Gnome AND not swapping pets out late or early, was I finally able to finish the battle. This was on the 6th attempt.

Note: Not swapping out late/early means that I waited until I defeated one opponent and the next one came out before switching pets. So it was always 1 on 1, and each of my pets was up against only one pet. During the stuns, I passed and didn't switch.

So just a few tips if you're also experiencing this bug:
- Try a different pet team.

- Don't switch out pets early or late.

- Just keep banging your head against it until you win.
I'm glad that I finally managed to complete the entire match. Never have I been so frustrated with a Tamer battle before And not because the battle was difficult, but because the battle was incompletable!


  1. I had this bug today twice on my main, relogged to my alt and had it again. The monkey was barely alive when I used the Zeppelin (I think it was a decoy spell or something) and then bam! I'm kicked out of the battle. I managed to finish the next fight with my Sinister Squashling finally killing that pesty monkey. It looks like the mechanics cause this glitch. It's very frustrating.

    1. @Anonymous: Ever since I switched the Darkmoon Zeppelin for the Clockwork Gnome, I haven't been dropped from a battle. I think it's the zepp that causes the issue.

  2. The decoy spell from the zep will bug your fight every time.

    I use the clockwork gnome instead, which works fine.

    1. @Thistle: It's strange because I can use the Decoy ability with the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling without any problems. I think it's the zeppelin in general that causes the match to bug out.

  3. I use my Flayer Youngling vs Eye, Fel Flame vs Tonk and Fluxfire Feline vs Monkey and have never had this issues.

    I'll try your line up to see if I experience this issue.

    1. @Wirhl: I'm not 100% sure, but I'm fairly confident that it's the Darkmoon Zeppelin that causes the issue. I've replaced that pet with the Clockwork Gnome and haven't had any problems since.

  4. So I tried my Zepp in place of my Feline and did indeed get booted from the fight. It seemed after Decoy when the banana's came falling that should have hit the decoy I got booted.

    I also got booted in another fight. Against Nishi and Toothbreaker, He did his sons of the root and I cast Tidal Wave from my own Turnip and got booted. Didn't like wiping out all his "sons" apparently. :)


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