Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Preview of Latest PTR Pets

UPDATE: Apparently the model for Ji'kun is a placeholder and will be updated in a future PTR build. Other pets will also be updated with sweeter models too.

Here are some previews of the latest datamined pets, plus an update on some previously discovered companions.

The other pets that were recently datamined were not added into the pet journal this PTR build, so maybe next udpate!

Raven-Lord-ish pet?! Finally?! :D

So... the actual creature, G'nathus, lives in the water. Does that mean his spawns will need a protective bubble once we adopt them into our pet families?

The updated skin on the Elder Python. Wowhead has a much better preview (in 3D no less!), so go check that out if you'd like to see this wild pet better.

It looks like the Electrified Razortooth might be getting an updated model. It still looks similar to the baby crocos, but it might have a nifty spine.


  1. While I'm excited about the addition of so many new pets, their class + ability pairings so far leave a lot to be desired, most are just retreads. The only one who actually looks interesting to me is the Electrified Razortooth.

    1. @Anonymous: I'd like to see some new and interesting abilities too, but I think that would take a bit more time to balance them and make sure they fit in with the rest of the pets.

      With the current state of content, it seems like the mindset is quantity over quality. Most players seem to enjoy the "more now" instead of the "more but better later".

      I have no doubt that the devs are probably working on a cool new pet with new everything (abilities included), but that might take some time.


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