Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5.2 PTR: New Raptor Pets and Good Things Come In Fours

Three new raptor companions were datamined from the latest PTR build.
- Zandalari Anklerender
- Zandalari Footslasher
- Zandalari Toenibbler
Much like the Zandalari Kneebiter, these pets will also be Bind on Pick Up. I haven't checked the PTR yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they also dropped from the Isle of Giants.

So let's do a quick recap of the quadruplets coming in patch 5.2:
- four new pandas
- four new tiny carps
- four new Zandalari raptors
And coming in close are the direhorn companions, of which there are only 3. But since they're unlikely to make it into the release of the upcoming patch, there may be some time yet for a fourth to suddenly pop up. ;)

What can we take away from all of this? Hm... Good things come in fours? :P


  1. Weren't we told not to expect as many new pets in future patches ;-)

    1. @Heartfruit: I know right?! I'm still surprised that so many were discovered. Perhaps 20ish isn't considered "many" since we've had hundreds added prior to 5.2?

      Either way, I hope to see most of the pets make it into the release of 5.2.


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