Wednesday, January 9, 2013

5.2 PTR: 9 New Pets and a New Achievement

UPDATE: New wild pets too!
Elder Python
Electrified Razortooth
Swap Croaker
Thundertail Flapper
All of them are on the Isle of Lightning. They don't have very unique models so far (except for the Thundertail Flapper), but we'll see.

Wheee! 9 new pets and a new pet achievement datamined from the latest 5.2 PTR build.
Sunfur Panda - BoP
Snowy Panda - BoP
Mountain Panda - BoP
Spectral Porcupette - BoU
Stunted Direhorn - BoU
Sunreaver Micro-Sentry - BoP
Living Sandling - BoP
Zandalari Hatchling - BoP
Son of Animus - BoP
The Living Sandling was datamined from an earlier PTR patch, but now it has its very own item. :)

Once I patch the PTR and check out the Pet Journal, I'll update with details on where these pets might come from.

The Fabled Pandaren Tamer achievement will be for completing the "Elite Battle Pet" quest. This was confirmed by Mumper on Twitter. According to Wowhead, this quest will be account-wide. It doesn't list which pets we have to defeat yet, though. So that's still a mystery. ;)

Apparently defeating certain elite pets unlocks a daily after you've completed the initial quest. This daily rewards Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies. Think the Spectral Porcupette will be inside? lol :P

Does this mean that these unique pets will be easy to find in the wild? Will they be in a set location? A "daily" implies that it should be repeatable every day, but that will depend largely on how difficult it is to find these elite pets.

There are some other items that might or might not be tied to companions somehow. These include and are not limited to: Primal Egg and Cracked Primal Egg.

This egg could lead to a similar pet reward like the Cracked Egg from Scholazar Basin. Or could it be the reward of a quest chain like the Jubling and (the original/vanilla) Sprite Darter Hatchling quests? Either way, I hope it yields a pet. :)

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