Thursday, January 3, 2013

Preview of the New 5.2 Pets

The PTR hasn't been updated with the new Pet Battle changes yet, but I did find the source of the three datamined companions.

According to the Pet Journal, the Gusting Grimoire will indeed be the common loot card from the next TCG expansion deck, Betrayal of the Guardian.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it looks a lot like the Lofty Libram; it just has a different color scheme.

The Gusting Grimoire has a different set of starting abilities (1, 2, and 4) though. Its level 10, 15 and 20 attacks are the same as the libram's.
level 1 - Fel Immolate
level 2 - Agony
level 4 - Meteor Strike
The second datamined pet is the Living Sandling. Apparently, it's a drop from the Throne of Thunder. Wowhead categorizes it as a raid zone, which is new for a pet. Never before have we had a companion pet drop from current tier content.

This could change since I have yet to find the pet item that teaches this companion. But then again, that item might not yet be implemented.

Here are it's abilities:
level 1 - Slicing Wind
level 2 - Flyby
level 4 - Cyclone
level 10 - Wild Winds
level 15 - Bash
level 20 - Sandstorm
Last but not least, the Red Panda is a reward from a quest, "Boss Pet Battles". This is obviously only a placeholder name for the quest, since it doesn't exist yet.

The Red Panda might still be a work in progress, since it's currently categorized as a Humanoid with many humanoid attacks similar to the Curious Oracle Hatchling.

We'll have to wait for another update before we can get a better preview of these pets and the changes to Pet Battles.

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