Monday, July 22, 2013

5.4 PTR: Celestial Tournament Details

Alfonzzo from WarcraftPets dove into the deep end on the PTR and managed to get into the Celestial Tournament. Apparently it IS open for testing, however because the PTR is the PTR and character history is wiped, even if you have many level 25 pre-made pets, the PTR doesn't recognize this and therefore doesn't see you as eligible for the tournament. So in order to enter, Alfonzzo had to re-level 30 pets to max level. Yikes, what an undertaking!

Side note: Crithto mentioned on Twitter that they will be lowering the number required to enter the tournament to 15 on the PTR.

Here are some things that Alfonzzo discovered while participating in the tournament:
- The tournament is in an instanced version of the Timeless Isle.
- There are multiple stages, with a total of 7 battles you must win.
- You can use different pets/teams for each battle.
- Sounds as if opponents are NPCs, not actual players.
I'm sure we'll hear more about each battle and find out more details about the tournament as the PTR progresses. Hopefully devs will unlock the tournament for those that can't re-level pets to max, so more people can test out the event. If not, then we better start manually leveling those pets on the PTR!

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