Saturday, July 20, 2013

More Details On Reign of Fire TCG

Cryptozoic has an informative article on the upcoming TCG, Reign of Fire. They provide some pretty juicy details!
"The odds of opening up a Loot Card has also been improved (to 1:9 packs instead of 1:11 pack). That means you will get four Loot Cards per box, and there's a whopping four rare Loot Cards per case!"

"The Reign of Fire Epic Collection will also contain one Loot Card, which can range from common to rare.

As a note, just because a Loot Card was common, uncommon, or rare in its original release doesn't mean it shares that rarity in Reign of Fire. Some Loot Cards might be easier to obtain than before; others may be a lot harder to acquire."

"Some lucky fans may open a booster pack that contains not one, not two, but fifteen Loot Cards – primarily rare Loot cards - instead of the standard cards you expect to open. That isn't an accident. That's a God Pack!

God Packs were created internally to be as juiced and as exciting as possible. And they're very rare. If you open up one of these, then congratulations!"
So not only will Reign of Fire contain every loot card from previous expansions, the chance of finding a loot card has been increased and they've also added a rare bonus a pack that contains JUST loot cards. Is a loot hoarder's dream or nightmare? lol.

Although they've improved our chances of loot slightly, it's still all up to RNG. There's no guarantee that you'll find THE card you're looking for, or even something that's equivalent.

That being said, I'm still considering investing in a box. I've never purchased an entire TCG box before, so I might be in over my head here. But the prospect of opening up a pack to find a pet I didn't have before, or one that I could sell/trade to finally buy the last couple that I need... it's very tempting. My luck has never been stellar, though, so I might have to think on this a bit more. Reign of Fire releases July 23, so not much time left to second guess myself lol!


  1. (June 9, 2013) :
    'We are planning on a celebratory promotion and giveaway regardless, and will give plenty of notice here before the expected release in the middle of July.'
    I'm keeping a look out for this, but nothing has appeared on site yet :S

    1. @Lysmachia: Perhaps something came up and they were unable to get a special promotion out in time?

  2. The only way to even have a chance at one of the "god packs" is to buy unopened booster boxes, because just as has been common with many TCG games, unscrupulous shop owners, employees, & customers WILL chery pick through the packs and pull the "god packs" out for themselves.

    Since each Loot code card has extra material on the card, there is a weight difference between cards and a pack of all loot cards has a more prominant difference in weight.

    So unless you are buying a sealed booster box, you can almost guarantee that your packs have been weighed and placed for sale because the owner or employees already checked the weight of the packs with a digital scale.

    Sucks, but it happens with every card game that does god packs or all foil packs.

    1. @Scott Smith: Yikes, I didn't know that! Thanks for the info, even if it's kind of discouraging news.


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