Wednesday, July 10, 2013

5.4 PTR: Lil' Bling and Corgi Model

Not much has been happening on the PTR lately. The Timeless Isle is still not open for testing, so we don't have an idea of how the new Celestial pets will work yet.

A new PTR patch was released, and a new pet was added, though. Lil' Bling! The item itself is BoP, but there's no indication how we'll obtain it. One can only assume that it will have a similar (it not identical) model to Blingtron 4000 lol. Unfortunately, Lil' Bling hasn't been added to the Pet Journal on the PTR yet, so there's no official preview. Maybe soon? We'll have to wait and see if we'll even be able to collect this new pet.

And last but not least, a new model was added to the game, a corgi! No sign if this will be a pet model or something else, but it's exciting to see another puppy in-game (even though I'm a cat person at heart :P).

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