Thursday, July 25, 2013

5.4 PTR: Update to Pet Sources

The latest PTR build included proper sources for the recently datamined pets. Here's a list of the newest 6 (including screenshots!) plus those that were previously discovered.

Bonkers - Drop on Timeless Isle (not cageable)

Gu'chi Swarmling - Valley of the Four Winds (cageable)

Harmonious Porcupette - Vendor: Mistweaver Ku on Timeless Isle; Faction: Shaohao - Pathwalker (cageable)

Jadefire Spirit - Drop: Foreboding Flame on Timeless Isle (cageable)

Rotten Little Helper - World Event: Feast of Winter Veil (cageable)

Vengeful Porcupette - Vendor: Speaker Gulan on Timeless Isle (cageable)


Ashleaf Spriteling - Drop: Leafmender on Timeless Isle

Azure Crane Chick - Drop: Crane Nest on Timeless Isle

Ruby Droplet (Formly known as Bloodcove Droplet ) - Drop: Garnia on Timeless Isle

Dandelion Frolicker - Drop: Scary Sprite on Timeless Isle

Death Adder Hatchling - Drop: Imperial Python on Timeless Isle

Droplet of Y'Shaarj - Drop: Sha of Pride in Siege of Orgrimmar (Normal or Heroic)

Gooey Sha-ling - Drop: Sha of Pride in Siege of Orgrimmar (LFR or Flex)

Jademist Dancer - Drop: Jademist Dancer on Timeless Isle

Kovok (Formly known as Kovi-Wovi) - Drop: Paragons of the Klaxxi in Siege of Orgrimmar

Ominous Flame - Drop: Foreboding Flame on Timeless Isle

Skunky Alemental - Drop: Zhu-Gon the Sour on Timeless Isle

Spineclaw Crab - Drop: Monstrous Spineclaw on Timeless Isle

Gulp Froglet (Formly known as Young Gulp Frog) - Drop: Bufo on Timeless Isle
SO MANY new pet drops from mobs and rare spawns. Yikes. It's getting a little overwhelming at this point.

I'm pretty disappointed that they've included yet another Normal/Heroic only pet. The Viscous Horror is still going for well over 150k gold on my server, and I don't see the price dropping any time soon. Especially since this tier will be slowly phased out once 5.4 is released. It's pretty discouraging to find out that there will be another pet in the same boat as the horror. Most collectors will probably have to wait an expansion (or two) before being able to collect these two pets. :\

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  1. I agree about the Heroic/Normal only pets, I don't raid anymore, and pet collecting has been a thing I have loved since I started back at the end of Vanilla, so with no raiding, I have pretty much put all my energy into my pets.

    Knowing I may never see this little critter for years or by some miracle I suddenly gain a ton of gold to buy one, makes me a little sad.

    Thanks for the great list though, this will be very helpful come patch day:)


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