Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5.4 PTR: Timeless Isle Possible Rare Spawn Pet Drops?

Thanks to Wowhead's guide on the new rare spawns on the Timeless Isle, I've amended my original guesses as to which pets will drop from which mobs.

Again, these drops haven't been confirmed yet. Just some fun speculation. :P
- Zhu-Gon the Sour (possible drop Skunky Alemental)
- Leafmender (possible drop Ashleaf Spriteling or Dandelion Frolicker)
- Spirit of Jadefire (possible drop Jademist Dancer)
- Emerald Gander (possible drop Azure Crane Chick)
- Bufo (possible drop Young Gulp Frog)
- Imperial Python (possible drop Death Adder Hatchling)
- Garnia (possible drop Bloodcove Droplet)
I realize that the PTR Pet Journal lists the Bloodcove Droplet as a drop from "Bloodninja McBlood", but there's currently no mob on the isle by that name. It's possible that it may be a drop from an NPC by that title, but it just seemed to fit that a pet like the Bloodcove Droplet would drop from a mob with similar looks.

Those are the best fits off the top of my head. Hopefully we'll find out where all the new pets come from soon!

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