Friday, July 26, 2013

World PVP Exclusive Pet Coming In 5.4

There are currently two vendor pets (in addition to the four Celestial companions) coming in 5.4. The Harmonious Porcupette, is sold by Mistweaver Ku for 7500 Timeless Coins. This is no surprise since we'll be collecting many Timeless Coins in general while on the isle.

The other vendor pet requires additional items, currency, and PVP. Not pet PVP. Player PVP. World PVP. Killing your friends and the strangers of the same and opposite faction. Yikes.

Speaker Gulan sells the Vengeful Porcupette for 100 Bloody Coins. To earn these coins you'll need to purchase Censer of Eternal Agony from Gulan for 2500 Timeless Coins. After using this item, all players (both horde and alliance) become hostile to you, and killing them will earn you Bloody Coins. Perculia and Olivia Grace confirmed that it's one coin per kill. More details on how this item works here.

For PVP servers, this won't really be any different than it currently is, except that there will just be more people to kill/trying to kill you since your faction will also be hostile towards you. It gives people even more reason to gank/kill you heh.

For PVE servers, this seems like a nightmare. Players who are normally unaccustomed to being randomly killed or griefed will suddenly feel the full effect of a PVP server. Those trying to kill a rare mob will need to watch their backs for anyone using a Censer of Eternal Agony, since it will now be possible for players to kill anyone fighting the rarespawn, and then essentially swipe the rare from them. This may not be a huge concern, though, since many rare spawns can be tagged by multiple people now.

Still, think of how miserable it would be if players were mid-battle with Ordos, and a small group decides it would be funny to go over and disrupt the entire raid. Not for any other reason than "because it's funny". Blizzard doesn't have a strong stance on this, but to me (and many others), it IS griefing. Will this item give people the ability to harass others on a more regular basis?

I'm definitely not for this method of obtaining a pet, and I don't know how on earth I'm going to manage this one. I guess I'll have to find some buddies that will allow me to trade kills with. Unless, of course, they implement a mechanic that prevents kill trading. Ugh, I don't even want to imagine it.

I'm normally behind Blizzard on most of what they design, but this is just one pet implementation that I can't really get behind. I'll wait and see how it goes once it's released, but the general idea makes me cringe.


  1. Has it been confirmed that you can attack anyone and not just people who are PVP enabled (of either faction)? This sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen if they can. I hate PVP with a passion, so this irks me greatly.

    Just seems that since pet battles blizz thinks it's fine to put pets in harder and harder content rather than the old style of just being time consuming/grindy.

    Collecting pets is pretty much the first thing I do each patch. I enjoy it and they're making it harder for me to do what I enjoy. not really surprised they're losing subs as they're constantly moving the goal posts in all areas of the game.

    I'm alsodreading Moon Moon (can't recall name, hope that's right), as Darkmoon is CRZ so now the pet may not even end up on my server.

    And I also disagree with current raid tier pets. (LFR not so bad but still think it';s a bad idea overall)

    1. @Jodmos: I haven't been able to confirm one way or the other on the PTR, but going by observations, it would seem that players who use the censer can only attack those with PVP enabled. If this is truly the case, it makes things less complicated and those that don't want to participate won't have to (on a PVE server). For PVP servers I would expect it to be a free-for-all, all the time.

      Now that pets and Pet Battling is popular across all types of players, I suppose it's only natural that they'd implement pets in many different ways so there's something for everyone. Can't say I'm a big fan of some of the methods to obtain a few of these newer pets, but that won't stop me from trying to collect them (for the most part heh).

  2. sigh - another pet i won't be getting :{

    1. @Anonymous: You may get it eventually! It's cageable so you may get lucky and find one on the AH for a reasonable price, or you may someone who will help you farm for it. Don't give up yet. :)


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