Friday, January 7, 2011

First Month of Cataclysm

this first month of cataclysm has been a busy one, but i think i'm done with the new pets that are "farmable", and now all that's left are the ones that i'll just have to be patient and wait for.

pebble or the armadillo pup should be next, but it will depend on how soon patch 4.0.6 is released and whether or not my server gets more pebble dailies between now and then. my guild is awfully close to unlocking both the dark phoenix hatchling and the guild herald, so i'm expecting to see those two soon too.

by the time all's said and done, my hope is that the northrend children's week quest will be fixed and i'll finally be able to adopt a curious wolvar pup. plus there's also the possibility of new cataclysm children's week quests with even more companions? y/y? yes please! :D

strangely enough, my predictions for which new pets i would obtain first and last in this expansion were completely off. the ones that i had planned to make a priority somehow ended up towards the bottom of my list, while those with initially low priority surged to the top. go figure!

my collection's never quite complete, as usual, but for now i can take a moment to simply enjoy my new companions. i love hanging out in stormwind while waiting for guildies for a dungeon and just watching my pets chase me around. do i have a favorite cataclysm pet? hm... not yet. they're all really awesome.

all of my older pets get some loving too, of course. that's what the "summon random pet" macro is for! :)


  1. Hi, thanks for providing us with all the useful info on the companion pets :) I recently started collecting myself, and finally reached 93 pets the other day.
    I was just wondering if you could explain how the "summon random pet" macro works? It sounds like a nifty and funny feature :)
    Best regards from Eileen/Ilirea (The Sha'tar Europe).

  2. @Eileen: congrats on all the new additions! may there be many more in your future :D

    the "random pet" macro that i use as well as many other summon-pet macro scripts can be found here. it's basically a one click summon for a random vanity pet that your character has learned!

    simply place the desired script into a macro, and then the macro icon onto your bars. i use the most basic script: /run SummonRandomCritter();

    hope this helps :)

  3. Hi again Quintessence :) thanks a lot for the link and the explanation!

    I'm going to go play with the macro now *grin* :)


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