Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Very Happy 2011!

an absolutely splendid way to start the new year!

after 38 tol'vir solves (including 2 rares - the scarab trinket and the caster ring), over 3k saved up night elf fragments, over 1200 saved up fossil fragments, and a total of 274 solves (common and rare) in all... the crawling claw FINALLY popped up as an artifact for me to solve. by the time i finished it, i was nearing 4k night elf fragments, over 1600 fossil fragments and 60+ night elf keystones.

i'm still sitting in stormwind, waiting for this companion to do its idle animations. nothing yet, but it does have an on-click vocalization... which is a little strange. i wish there were other claws for mine to interact with. i'd love to see it play rock, paper, scissors!

much like many others have noted, although this pet is bind on account, unlike most BoA items, once you've learned it, the item will disappear. so choose which toon you send it too and learn it on carefully. my guess is that blizzard knew how difficult it would be for collectors to obtain it due to the VERY LARGE rng factor of archaeology, and in the event that an alt or non-collector toon snagged this pet, it could be sent to a main toon or the character that was the player's main collector. a wise decision on blizzard's part.

it was one hell of a grind for this pet, but it was worth it.

random observation: the crawling claw is/was married? that's definitely a ring on its ring finger, and it's definitely the left hand. i wonder if we'll ever see its pair/mate. i guess we could always pretend that a fellow collector's claw is its partner. :)


  1. Congratulations!

    I'm chasing that same claw myself. I'm only 800 night Elf fragments in - but I've made the same two rares as you. I wonder if it'll be the third rare for me too.

  2. May I ask, why are you guys saving your Night Elf fragments? Did you already complete all of the artifacts or something?

  3. @NiceBloke: thank you! best of luck on the crawling claw :D

    @Harval: i'm not sure about everyone else, but yes. i've completed all the night elf rares and made all the unique commons (for the achievement) so there's really nothing else to be done with them atm.

  4. Congrats and also a happy 2011 to everyone!!

    Cant wait to get my own Tolvir digsites, going to be one fun grind.


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