Friday, January 21, 2011

Lost No More

finally! my plan to entice pebble with shiny rocks and crystals inside the crumbling depths worked, and he was lost once again today. :P

this mini-mental was well worth the wait and the 10 dailies. despite blizzard using the same model as the frigid frostling and many other larger elementals, the prerequisite quests involving pebble is what makes this pet just so damn lovable. that attention to detail and sentimental value is what can make such a seemingly boring pet into an absolutely endearing one. imho it's a tactic that, if not over-used, comes in handy for the "free" in-game companions that may not have all the bells and whistles that the blizzard pet store or tcg pets receive.

anyway, although i've finally acquired my very own pebble i'll still be heading in to save him whenever i get the chance. i have to earn that guild reputation somehow, right? lol.


  1. You're right,
    The best pets for the store.
    The already and poor designed pets are given free. Too bad !

  2. Your so lucky...congrats.

    I only saw the daily once...and since then no more :(


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