Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reused, Not Reskinned, No Regrets

i wasn't planning on getting landro's lil' xt due to it being just a reused model, but i had entertained the idea of purchasing it if the price was reasonable enough for a "knock-off" lol. well someone decided it was worth going to check it out at the local card shop and bought it for me. ♥ many thanks and lots of love! :)


  1. Apparently, this *might* not have been intentional and it's possible they could alter it later on. A blue confirmed he would pass word along to others about it.

    Regardless, it's dirt cheap.

  2. @Harval: yup, and it would be nice but i'm not going to hold my breath. besides, i would much rather blizzard developers fix some of the major pet collecting bugs. i can live with a placeholder model since it really was relatively very, very, very cheap.


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