Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who Wants to Play Fetch?!

i paid a visit to breanni in dalaran today. said hello and picked up a few fetch balls. well, more like 20 fetch balls! the goal? play a game of fetch the ball with all the newest pets (that i've managed to acquire so far). playing fetch with my non-combat pets is always amusing, especially when they retrieve the ball. most of them look hilarious, especially when they utilize their head and/or face despite some pets having arms, feet, hands, and even thumbs!

if you remember my moonkin hatchling screenshot of it playing fetch, i was hoping for more absolutely ridiculous and amusing images as a result in a few minutes worth of playing with the cataclysm pets. unfortunately some companions didn't want to partake in all of the fun.

here's a list of all the newest pets that will NOT play fetch:
- blue mini jouster (probably the gold mini jouster as well)
- guild page (i'm guessing this goes for guild herald as well)
- landro's lil' xt
- lil' ragnaros
pets that i have not tried playing fetch with yet:
- armadillo pup
- dark phoenix hatchling (i'm guessing it will have the same animation as the phoenix hatchling when playing fetch, though)
- pebble (he will probably have the same fetch animation as the frigid frostling)
those that were willing to play along did provide a few moments worth of amusement. many screenshots of all the silliness after the break!

ok, who put the clown nose on brazie's sunflower?! :P

the clockwork gnome is one of the pets that actually possesses the ability to pick up items with its HANDS, and yet it still insists on using its face to bring the ball back. lol.

ironically enough, the crawling claw IS a hand. how it manages to balance the ball on top of itself while maneuvering back to me is a mystery.

when the elementium geode collects the fetch ball, it has a strange way of making the ball seem to just hover as it floats back towards you. gravitational or magnetic pull?

this one might be my favorite image. i love the way it looks as though the ball gets stuck on the fossilized hatchling's large and very sharp teeth.

for some reason this screenshot of the rustberg seagull disturbs me. it reminds me of a horror film creature where the head has been completely replaced by something alien.

last but not least, withers. poor guy. do i even need to mention how silly yet depressing he looks?


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