Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just a Tad to Tide You Over

after the news about the armadillo pup change from the PTR, there really hasn't been much else to report on for the upcoming patch 4.0.6. at least for now. hopefully more will be coming within the next week or so.

however, while doing some searching on the PTR version of wowhead, i came across this:
- smolderweb egg (teaches smolderweb hatchling); added in patch 4.0.6
prior to cataclysm, the smolderweb hatchling was learned from the smolderweb carrier. since the change to azeroth, though, both the quest for the worg pup and smolderweb hatchling were completely removed. as a result, the carrier item is no longer obtainable (for either companion). currently, players have yet to find any other method or way of obtaining these two pets.

so could this new egg item be a possible replacement for the (spider) carrier? if so, what about the worg pup? hopefully developers will find a suitable place to insert an item for the pup too.

another interesting find while browsing wowhead, was this comment on the hardboiled egg item:
"A GM told me the item was ingame and should be available soon." - amidaman
this is obviously not the most reliable source of information, however, if what this person claims is true, i think i can speak for all collectors when i say.. FINALLY! THE MYSTERY OF THE EGG WILL BE SOLVED! but we'll just have to wait and see.

last but not least, i am still eagerly waiting news on the celestial dragon. call me an optimist but with the lunar festival coming up soon, i'm hoping that it will be the long awaited lunar festival non-combat mini-pet. this in-game event is one of the very last holidays without a corresponding companion that is either dropped during the holiday's specific dates or obtained through participating in the holiday events. i'm definitely hoping that the celestial dragon will be apart of the latter! (no more holiday boss drops plzkthnx.. :P) however, i would not be surprised (just disappointed) if it is not part of the lunar festival festivities. i mean, it IS a really cool looking pet, and blizzard doesn't just hand out really awesome companions (to many collector's chagrin) very often.

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