Sunday, January 30, 2011


things have been relatively quiet but not exactly in a good sense. the in-game lunar festival didn't come with a pet again this year, making it THE only (major) holiday that doesn't have a corresponding companion pet. however, collectors can look forward (or dread) the next holiday which will be the valentine's event in about one week's time. good luck to everyone going after the toxic wasteling and peddlefeet!

while i still don't fully agree or like the new system of the holiday loot bag, it doesn't look as if blizzard's going to budge on this one. we will just have to take it or leave it. my only hope is that developers DON'T add more vanity pets to holidays that drop from holiday bosses, or the drop rate is increased for these pets, or collectors are given other options/ways of acquiring them during each in-game event.

i'm still waiting to hear some official word on the united nations achievement "bug". right now there are mixed messages floating around. some are saying game masters have stated it's "working as intended" while others are reporting that GMs have responded with the generic "it's a known issue, we're looking to resolve it". there still hasn't been any official statement confirming or denying that it is a bug and that it will be fixed in a future patch, which is frustrating.

i can't speak for everyone else, but i feel as though i'm in the dark about this and it's not very comforting. if it is working as intended, i'm not going to take up arms and set fire to the forums with anger and hate. no, instead i'll (grudgingly) just set up a reputation farming group to assist our highest exalted reputation earner in completing those last few reps to complete the united nations achievement. that's IF it's working as intended. if there were some sort of official confirmation that it's a bug, i'd gladly be patient and wait for the fix since at the moment, we have the achievement in the bag... except the bag has a hole in it and isn't exactly working right.

it really would be nice to know sooner rather than later if it's "working as intended" or not, though. the earlier things are settled, the sooner i can set to work if need be. right now, i'm just twiddling my thumbs and unsure of what action to take since blizzard is unable or unwilling to clarify things.

- if i go ahead and set up to grind out the last reputations to exalted and it turns out the achievement was bugged and is fixed in the near future, that's time wasted.

- if i don't go ahead and set up to grind out the last reputations to exalted and it turns out the achievement is working as intended, that's also time wasted.

it's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't situations. am i pointing fingers at blizzard? pretty much. this could easily be temporarily resolved with a simple blue poster clarifying one way or another. bugged or not bugged, that is the question.

things haven't been all downers. i'm definitely loving the new pets and enjoying my time with some older ones too. i can't wait for patch 4.0.6 which i'm hoping will be released soon. armadillo pup and guild herald... get ready to join my army!

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