Sunday, February 6, 2011

There Is No Loot

love is in the air... but where's the loot? what a good way to start off the event! :(

the valentine's in-game holiday just kicked off tonight. good luck to all going after peddlefeet and the toxic wasteling!

if you're having trouble finding how to get to the crown chemical co. boss (it wasn't showing up in the dungeon finder tab for me), simply head to the love is in the air NPCs and one of them should queue you for the holiday boss after speaking with him.

as far as i know there are no new valentine's event pets. which is a good and bad thing imo. good since there are still many players working on obtaining the two existing companions, and adding another may only cause more stress for them. bad for those who have already acquired both peddlefeet and the wasteling; no pets for us to collect.

there are other things to do during the event, though. personally i'm going to try for the forever-lovely rose. i missed out on it during the period when holiday bosses were farmable. i didn't realize just how awesome it was until it was too late and blizzard made the change to how vanity items and holiday bosses work.

there are also two v-day dailies offered, which DO give guild reputation. (hooray!) i'll be working on those to help my grind to exalted with my guild.

so at least there's still stuff for collectors to do, even if you've already collected both pets. or you can just sit back and watch the madness take shape. XD

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