Monday, February 28, 2011

Can't Get Enough Cubs and 4.1

mmo-champion has a post dedicated (almost) entirely to the new possible mounts and vanity pets found on the 4.1 PTR. if you missed wowhead's 3D models of the baby felines, mmo-champ has a screenshot showcasing them.

just to clarify some things - although there are five different colored cubs, so far i've only heard of TWO being actual vanity pets and that are available to players on the PTR - the winterspring cub (purple stripes) and the nightsaber cub (the black cub with grey stripes). the panther cub (all black) is speculated to be a (rare?) drop from a mob found within the new ZG 5 man instance or other troll-ish area/zone. no confirmed drop has been found yet though.

also, mmo-champion mentions the following in their post:
"Nightsaber Cub will be a WoW TCG rewards but other versions of the panther cubs will be available through questing/rare drops apparently."
what can we take away from this? it sounds as though there may be more than one way to obtain a nightsaber cub, but we'll have to wait for more information on this one. perhaps rather than the nightsaber cub, this info was meant for the panther cub?

so again, currently only 2 out of 5 models have been confirmed as true vanity pets on the PTR. this could change between now and release of patch 4.1. i'm sure that many would agree with me when i say i'd love to be able to collect all 5 different cubs, though. :)

last but not least, harval from found an interesting bush chicken spell. it hasn't been assigned a proper item ID, summonable NPC, or even an actual name (lol at "summon test pet"), but for all those who adore the waddling little critters in twilight highlands, cross your fingers! maybe developers will sneak in a bush chicken companion in the future.

sadly, due to a bug (that's existed since 4.0.6 apparently), because i participated in the cataclysm beta, i'm unable to take part in the 4.1 PTR. this is afflicting many players, but not all beta participants. until there's a work-around or fix, i'll be relying on reports and information found outside of the PTR for any updates on 4.1. it's not ideal, but i've been pet starved lately so... i'll take what i can get! XD if you have any new info, feel free to comment or send me a message through


  1. It's always possible they could add them all, as they did a while back with the raptor hatchlings. I enjoyed collecting all of those, but the fact that one of the cubs will be TCG makes me doubt that'll happen. For now, I'll have to hope the Winterspring Cub remains an actual pet; but I'm not hopeful because the corresponding Horde mount (Venomhide raptor) doesn't have a pet based on it. Maybe they could add one to a vendor in Un'Goro.

    Bush Chicken pet would be really fun! They're so hilarious looking.

  2. @Harval: with the addition of the lashtail hatchling, i'm hoping that this will balance out the alliance vs horde mount equivalent non-combat pet issue! although the lashtail hatchling model is somewhat drab...

    the venomihide hatchling used for the horde mount daily is much more unique. i wish we could have one of those wide-eyed babies!


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