Friday, February 11, 2011

More Undocumented 4.0.6 Changes

update - as detailed in the comments below, withers and the teldrassil sproutling models are bugged.

as many have already discovered (or not), there were a couple more undocumented changes concerning mini-pets that came with the patch:
- the rock lover achievement (necessary to unlock pebble) now has a counter to track how many lost in the deeps dailies you've completed. (note: this counter may or may not be bugged for some and may show an incorrect number and/or not update properly)

- withers got a model update is bugged!

- the teldrassil sproutling also had its model color changed to match that of withers is bugged.

hopefully our two little friends will return to their original states soon!


  1. Looks like the tree problem is a bug...

    Bug - Treants sharing the same texture
    The issue where all treant models share the same texture (including Withers and the Teldrassil Sproutling) is something we're aware of and we're hoping to resolve soon.


  2. I'm not sure if this was a change with 4.0.6, but I got a new phrase when i /kissed mojo yesterday (and I have kissed mojo a lot in the past!): "This won't take long, did it?"
    Am I crazy or is this new? :)

  3. @Sephrenia: thanks for this info! glad to hear that these two will still be special little snowflakes.. i mean trees. :P

    @Anonymous: unfortunately this emote isn't new.

  4. I guess I was just strangely unlucky :x I've had him for at least a year. I got all excited when I saw old pets receiving changes (or bugs, now).


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