Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Patch Day Collectors!

i just bought my armadillo pup and guild herald. i'm thrilled! just some things to note on both pets:

armadillo pup
- doesn't make any sound.

- its idle animation is... *drum roll* it curls up into a little ball! but don't worry, he won't be shy for too long and will gladly unfurl to chase after you if you leave its side. :P

guild herald
- this man... pet... is on the same cooldown as the guild page. the herald is on a shorter cooldown than the page (4 hours vs. 8 hours), but they still share the same cooldown lockout. interesting.

- he sells the guild rewards also like the guild page.

- the only differences i can see between the two is the clothing that they wear. on-click vocals. ...haircut?

- other than that, it's a clone of the guild page. heck, they even cost the same amount of gold.

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