Saturday, February 26, 2011

4.1 PTR Kitty Cubs

for my sake and those who are also a bit OCD with organization, here's a better than my previous post list of current "knowns" found on the PTR about the 4.1 feline cubs:
nightsaber cub - redeemable from landro longshot in booty bay. this pet will be the common loot code for the TCG expansion deck, "Twilight of the Dragons", due for release in late june.

wintersaber cub - this item is NOT a vanity pet. it is a quest item that is provided to alliance players during their grind for a frostsaber mount. (please note the differences in the name of this cub and the next cub listed. i will be referring to each accordingly from here on out.)

winterspring cub - vendor in everlook inn in winterspring, Michelle De Rum, currently sells the winterspring cub for 50g. this IS a non-combat pet and its summoning spell can be learned.

panther cub - unknown source atm, however wowinsider has a short video of this pet's model and possible idle animation on youtube.


  1. So to make things more confusing the real pet and quest pet are both called winterspring cubs on the ptr (gogo blizz originality). Here are screen shots of each that I took.

    The wild cubs that wander around that area that share the same model but come in a variety of colors are the ones called wintersaber cubs. (I can grab you a screenie if you want)

    I hope that doesn't mess you up but I just wanted to make sure you had the right info *ducks*

  2. @Rhapture: yea, i was looking at the idem IDs and spells on wowhead, and couldn't help but scratch my head on this one. i hope blizzard decides on a name change or things could get confusing for collectors.

    but in the meantime, for the sake of my sanity, i'll be referring to the actual vanity pet as the winterspring cub and the non-vanity pet as the wintersaber cub. XD


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