Sunday, February 6, 2011

Patch Soon, Hooray!

according to mmo-champion, patch 4.0.6 will be released this week! in addition to the change to both the armadillo pup and guild herald (will only require revered reputation with your guild to purchase after the patch goes live), here are a couple more tidbits on what's to come:
- Additional animations have been added to the Armadillo Pet guild reward.
- The Disgusting Oozeling no longer applies a debuff which reduces defense, a deprecated stat.
i'm quite excited for the armadillo pup! i'm not even sure what the original animation(s) was for this little one, but adding even more is intriguing.

unfortunately, there is still no mention of the united nations "bug" and if there will be a "fix" for it or not. it's frustrating and aggravating, but my hope is that blizzard is delaying any response on this issue to give themselves some extra time to work on the dark phoenix hatchling and make it more unique/desirable. am i being too optimistic? well, we'll see.

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