Thursday, February 24, 2011

SQUEE! 4.1 Loves Collectors

LOTS of new pet-related news from the PTR 4.1 on mmo-champ!

new achievements:
- Petting Zoo: Collect 100 unique companion pets.
- Menagerie: Collect 125 unique companion pets.
new pets:
- Nightsaber Cub
- Panther Cub
- Winterspring Cub
not so new pets:
- Landro's Lichling (very likely the re-skinned version of lil' k.t. that was announced as the next WoW TCG common loot item back in january)
- Landro's Lil' XT (this pet is already in game, but the "new" one discovered on the PTR is likely a re-skinned version)
no info on if the two new achievements will have corresponding rewards or not, but there's still time before the release of Patch 4.1, so we can hope! there's also no info on how to obtain the new pets either.

i'd like to note that the three new pets already have placeholder item IDs as well as spell IDs. this, however, does NOT guarantee that they will go live. anything found on the PTR always has the chance to NOT go live. just keep that in mind.

also, landro's lil xt has two spell IDs listed on wowhead's PTR site atm. it doesn't make much sense that blizzard would release a THIRD version of lil' xt, so my best guess is that this newest one will be what the TCG version was SUPPOSED to look like (but for whatever reason, was not released as). if this is true, this will likely drive the price of this common loot item pet up a bit since it will be more unique and not a carbon copy of a blizzard PetStore item.

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