Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It Burns!

i'm not sure if this has been happening to anyone else. a quick scan of the official forums, wowhead comments, and so on didn't reveal much, but lately brazie's sunflower has been hurling a short and quick fire burst onto my character's chest whenever it breaks into song.

there's no actual damage done, but it was quite alarming when it first happened. i thought i had agro'd something or that i was flagged for pvp and a mage was on me. i'm not sure when this started, but i'm guessing it has something to do with the patch. if it's and intentional change.. well i have no idea what the purpose of it is. if it's unintentional and more like a bug, it's a pretty amusing one.

for something so... "innocent" looking, this pet is a fiendish one isn't it? luring you in with a song and then WHAM. there's suddenly fire in your face. :P

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