Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2011 Blizzcon WarcraftPets Meet-Up will be having a meet-and-greet during Blizzcon 2011! If you're attending Blizzcon, please stop by to say hello and meet the infamous Breanni in person. :D There might also be some giveaways so be sure to sign your WarcraftPets username on the sign-in sheet!

Details about the event:
WHEN: Friday, 4-5 PM
WHERE: Realm Meetings section
LOOK FOR: A WarcraftPets sign / admins wearing white WarcraftPets T-shirts
For more information, check out the Blizzcon meet-up announcement on

Needless to say I'll be in attendance lol. I'm pretty excited yet anxious! I've never been to a WarcraftPet meet-and-greet, so it's a bit difficult to imagine what to expect. I'll be honest, I'm not terribly great in large group settings since I'm more of a boring introvert. If you stop by, I'll probably be the awkward and shy admin hiding in the back. :P

Anyway, any updates over the next few days will probably be from Blizzcon, but they may be far and few between since I plan on keeping busy hanging out with guildmates and play testing D3 amongst other things. Hopefully if there are any big vanity pet announcements or discoveries, I'll be able to catch and cover it all.

So if you're attending Blizzcon, stop by the WarcraftPets meet-up! I look forward to meeting you. :) If you're watching from home, give me a poke either on my Twitter or a comment on one of my posts should any new pet news come up! I don't want to miss a thing even while I'm out in the "real world" lol. :P And if you're doing neither, happy pet collecting all the same!

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