Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome to Nowhere

First things first: Last I checked (yesterday) the Darkmoon Faire mages were placed in Stormwind and Orgimmar, but when paid to teleport you to the fairgrounds... they promptly sent you off to nowhere. And by nowhere I mean where the DMF is currently located on live servers when they come to town (Elwynn Forest and just outside Thunderbluff). Needless to say, there was no faire to be had at these locations on the PTR. -_- So... that's something Blizzard will want to fix before going live with 4.3 lol. :P

Since the DMF will be over on live servers shortly (if not already for some timezones), I'm not sure if the mages will stick around on the PTR. I certainly hope they will so we can test out the 4.3 faire content soon!

Secondly: Throne of the Tides is coming out this upcoming Tuesday! With it, our FIRST fish pet as well as the first uniquely modeled TCG companion since Cryptozoic came on board. (And if you want to get technical about it, the Nightsaber Cub could be considered "unique" as well, but really, it's just a reskinned model of the Winterspring Cub imo. Doesn't make it any less adorable or desirable... but I'm just saying. :P)

Have you pre-ordered your Purple Puffer yet? You may win an Ethereal Soul-Trader in the process. *winkwink*

But the big question is WHEN will we be able to redeem our Purple Puffer loot codes? From what I understand, this pet isn't on live servers yet, so unless Blizzard does a special small patch or "unlocking" just for this Tuesday's TCG loot, we may not be able to add the Purple Puffer (or any of the other Throne of the Tides loot) to our collections until after patch 4.3 is released.

Well, we'll see come Tuesday, I guess!

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