Saturday, October 1, 2011

Darkmoon Faire Testing Soon?

Tomorrow is the start of another Darkmoon Faire week. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it will also be up on the PTR. I can't wait to test out the new zone, quests, and of course... pets!

My first priority for the PTR DMF is to find out whether or not the companions or the vendors that offer the specific pets require a certain reputation with the faire. If so, then I suppose the next step will be to check out if the reputation grind with the faire is "easier" or updated. There sounds like there will be new quests and dailies, so I'm thinking that the reputation gain might be slightly faster. We'll see though.

If there aren't any reputation requirements, and you simply need to collect tickets or tokens, then that makes my job loads more convenient! It'll just be a matter of adding up the total cost of all the pets, sorting out how much of currency can be gathered each day, and then calculating how many days it'll take before reaching the end goal.

Either way, I'm really looking forward to seeing the revamped DMF! Hopefully it won't be too crowded or buggy. Can't wait to see those new pets. :)


  1. I will definitely be looking forward to hearing anything you can report (from the rep, to what rep is needed and the cost)! Thank you in advance for any crumb of information!

  2. @Anonymous: So far there's nothing to report. :( Much to my dismay, it appears that the Darkmoon Faire isn't ready for testing and isn't on the PTR yet. No indication when it'll be up either boooo.

    But! There are a few quests that you can preview on Wowhead that show a reward of reputation with the faire, so at least there will be more ways to grind reputation other than turning in Darkmoon Decks in 4.3. :)


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