Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fly My Pretty, Fly!

Two words: Absolutely. Adorable.

I added both the Creepy Crate and the Feline Familiar to my collection tonight! Whew, those Tricky Treats were more plentiful than I had previously thought they would be, but it sure was a trip around the world and then some to get enough for the Feline Familiar.

Note: You should be able to gather PLENTY of Tricky Treats from just visiting all the candy buckets. This means you could buy both the Feline Familiar and the Little Wickerman (although the latter is NOT a true vanity pet) well before the in-game event ends.

The Creepy Crate has a lovely habit of eating EVERYTHING. LOL! So far it's eaten critters and even animals that aren't quite bite-sized. I've seen it eat a full grown cow and horse which is pretty impressive considering the size differences!

And as you can see from my screenshot above, the Feline Familiar is indeed the first flying feline (say that 10 times fast :P). If only you could use the broom mounts all year 'round to fly along with this pet. :(

I'm very satisfied with this revamp of the holiday! Not only does it offer pet collectors options for getting a hold of an old time favorite, the Sinister Squashling, there are also two new lovely and awesome pets to obtain. :D

And guess what? I'm done collecting both the new pets so now I can thoroughly enjoy myself at Blizzcon! Hooray! I still plan on logging in to do a few dailies to save up for that Little Wickerman, though. ;)


  1. loving the kitty!~ too cute. I also did the 150 tricky treats tonight. took about 2~ hours of flying around. I like when I can get stuff out of the way like that right away, lets me enjoy the holiday when I'm not fretting over whether or not I HAVE to log in, and if I'll be able to collect enough of the currency.

  2. I wish I'd read that the Little Wickerman wasn't a true pet before I visited every bucket again this year to save 300 treats up :(

    Still, the cat and crate are cute. Roll on the next holiday - I'm done here :)

  3. Also... the flying feline familiar is a "black cat", which sets Stinker's heart aracing.

    Funny as watching Stinker chase the cat, while its hovering on its broom! :P

  4. @pandy: I agree completely, especially when I'm on a tight schedule!

    @Raax: I'm actually saving up another 150 just for the Little Wickerman! He sounds pretty neat, but I do wish he were a true vanity pet.

    @Anonymous: Quick, someone get Stinker his own flying mount! :P

  5. I love the Feline Familiar :D

    I really hope he continues to fly after Hallow's End has finished!

  6. @Kintarah: With the changes to the Winter Veil pets, it wouldn't surprise me if the Feline Familiar lost its witch hat and broom once Hallow's End ended. It'd be pretty disappointing, but I wouldn't put it past Blizzard to implement something like that.

  7. I'm disappointed because there is only the black cat. There was also a ginger one when the models were originally datamined.

  8. @Anonymous October 19, 2011 2:36 AM: Ah, yea. It is a shame that a second color wasn't added in, or that the Feline Familiar doesn't change colors each time it's summoned like the Worg Pup. It's still a very unique pet, nonetheless :)


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