Friday, October 21, 2011

Blizzcon Day One - Poké..what?!

First day of Blizzcon - over! Almost. :P

Blizzard dropped a huuuu~uge bombshell on us pet collectors today! If you haven't heard about it already, you can find the details about it here (MMO-Champion) and here (WarcraftPets).

There are still tons of unknowns and questions that need to be asked/answered, so I'm going to hold back on passing judgement until more information is released. It seems pretty interesting, though! I'll probably have more to say about it once I get back home.

Another less shocking reveal was that the Fetish Shaman will indeed be the D3 Collector's Edition WoW gift. (Doob called it!) For a preview of the pet, here's a picture that MMO-Champion took (it's kinda small). It's not much, but it will do for now. If you can't locate it, it's in the grey box on the far right (the green figure). Pretty neat!

The WarcraftPets meet up was a great experience. I enjoyed hearing all the pet stories people had and discussions about the new "PokeWoW". It was very satisfying to be surrounded by people who are as passionate about companion pets as I am! I'm sorry I didn't catch everyone's names/handles. :( Just know I definitely appreciated being in the company of awesome people. :)

PS: If you missed Breanni's announcement towards the end of the meet-up, there may be a random giveaway in the coming weeks involving the Blizzcon meet-and-greet sign-in sheet! :D

I have yet to redeem my Murkablo, but I'm going to save that for when I get home. There's still another full day of D3 and Panda play-testing that I want to do, so time to get some rest.


  1. Gah - so despite having just subscribed to the Anuual Pass in order to get a free Diablo III game, I'm still going to have to buy the collector's edition so I can have the pet!

    Blizz certainly know how to part me from my money! :D

  2. @Elastoplast: Looks like I'll be signing up for the Annual Pass + buying the CE version of D3 too (just for the pet XD). But on the plus side, the CE version equals 4 free months of WoW!

  3. Team Rocket, blasting off at the speed of light!
    Surrender now or prepare to fight!

    Sorry Quint, had to do it! :)

  4. @Charron: ROFL! Now I'm going to have to create a Team Rocket outfit just to use while pet battling. XD


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