Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Purple Puffer - Not So Fast

UPDATE: A blue poster confirms that Throne of the Tides loot won't be available until patch 4.3.
"The items awarded from the latest TCG loot cards will be added to the game with the release of patch 4.3, so they can't be redeemed before the items exist." - Zarhym
Unless I'm mistaken, it sounds as if we won't be able to redeem those Purple Puffer loot codes any time soon. We'll have to wait for patch 4.3 before we can add this fish to pet collections.

I haven't been following the TCG trend for as long as others, so I'm wondering if this is the first time where the loot cards were released before the in-game content was ready to go live.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly bothered or disappointed by this delay, but part of me does understand that the next patch does introduce quite a bit of content and Blizzard developers are working hard on delivering many new and updated features.

Still... it's rather poor planning imho. Not only does it somewhat sour the release of the pet, it doesn't exactly do wonders for those selling the cards. What a downer to have to advertise, 'Get your new pet right here! Step right up! Oh, but btw.. you can't actually claim your pet yet...'

Oh well. I guess that's just the nature of these things. Sometimes it works out perfectly, while other times.. not so much. In the end I'm willing to wait for my fish pet... as long as the wait is reasonable and for a logical reason, of course.

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