Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beta Update - Achievements and New Orphan

The bad: Watered down coffee is still coffee, and drinking it at night results in being awake when I should be sleeping.

The good: But luckily for me, tonight is one of those rare nights where being up late works out for the better!

Wowheadnews has some datamined goodies from another beta patch coming soon to a Blizzard downloader near you. So many beta patches being released lately. I guess the devs want to get as much content out for testing as soon as possible, before Diablo 3 overshadows all else, eh? :P

Here are the pet-related changes and updates. (NOTE: You may have to visit the actual Wowheadnews page linked above to see all of the changes and updates since the tooltips for some of the things listed below might not be updated yet)
- The achievement Time to Open a Pet Store now rewards the title "Tamer" and only requires 335 pet battle achievement points instead of 400.

- The achievement Must Love Dog now requires "every member of your raid is accompanied by a canine companion pet".

- There's a new possible orphan for Children's Week, which means there might be new pets for this seasonal event next year! Cooking School Bell.
Pet collectors rejoice! Your wish for a title has been granted! :) While I think it's definitely awesome for the developers to finally give pet collectors a title, it's going to be hard for me to give up my "Matron" tag. It's not quite "Mistress" (as in "Guild Mistress") but it's the closest I can get. :P

Oh and "Tamer Quintessence" makes it sound as though Quint was untamed prior to being "tamer" haha.

I'm really curious about the Must Love Dog achievement. Accompanied by a canine companion pet, eh? Does that mean more puppy pets will be added in the near future? Because right now our options for a dog vanity pet are very limited.

And last but not least, the Cooking School Bell. I'm not quite sure what to make of this one. The tooltip clearly indicates Children's Week, but a "cooking school bell"? Is this a profession-based orphan? A chef in training? I wonder if this is another one of those placeholder items that will eventually change into something else entirely. With a new zone coming in MoP, it DOES make sense that new orphans would be added for the next Children's Week event. Also, the Pandaren do have a cooking racial passive, so I suppose it makes sense. We'll have to wait and see.

That's all I've found for now. If there's more pet-related stuff, I'll update this post.


  1. I really hope we get more dogs. I noticed in one of the quests for the Tillers there was mention of a stray dog, so I'm hoping that as well as a farm, we're going to get some sort of farm dog.

    1. @Erinys: A puppy pet reward at the end of a quest chain would be lovely!


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