Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Singing Cricket Achievement Reward

MMO-Champion has datamined info from an upcoming beta build. Ready for this? Singing Cricket. It's the new reward for completing an achievement to raise 75 pets to level 25 (Pro Pet Mob).

My hope is that this cricket will actually sing! What's an appropriate genre for a cricket, though? Opera? The blues? Or perhaps it will be more like the Singing Sunflower and just hum a short melody of sorts.

I wonder if they plan on bringing back Laura Shigihara to compose and voice the sounds for the Singing Cricket (she did the vocals for the Singing Sunflower). That would be pretty neat. :D

Oh, and there's a new pet-related item: Battle Pet Bandage. Not sure how this will be used, though. Will we be able to use these to heal our own pets during a pet battle? Seems a bit unfair. Will companions require healing after each battle? Hopefully I won't have to make all the bandaids... I plan on doing a lot of battling!


  1. See, this is what I was not really hoping for. Now if I want this pet I HAVE to battle. :(

    I'm not really into the whole battle aspect. I'm just a collector. :(

  2. @pandy: Pet battles really have changed and evolved what pet collecting is, hasn't it?

    I wouldn't say it's 100% forcing collectors to participate in pet battles, since Blizzard has included pets that can be collected through non-battling means. But still.. the majority of the new(er) pets require pet battling. It's what I was afraid of. From a collector's point of view, it's hard to say that pet battles is "optional" since there are so many new pets to collect that are available only through pet battles.

    Although I find pet battling pretty fun and addicting so far, I do hope that a harmony can be maintained and the quantity and quality of pets available through both battling and not battling is balanced.


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