Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Flavor Text For Pets!

The Diablo 3 servers are down for maintenance, so I finally updated my MoP beta client with the latest patch. And guess what? The Pet Journal got an update - MANY pets have flavor text now! I'm ecstatic. :D

To view each pet's description, just hover over the little map icon in the journal when viewing a pet's profile.

I haven't sat down and properly looked through them, but I can't wait to read them all. While browsing through, my favorite so far is the Magical Crawdad: "Only magical wishes make magical crawdads. If you wish for a fish, fish for a wish." :) But there are SOOO many to go through that I'm sure I won't be able to choose a favorite after I'm done reading all of them.

I'm a little disappointed that the Firefly's flavor text was changed to be more informational than a tribute to the TV series, Firefly. But oh well. It seems like most of the descriptions of the pets are more informative than playful and silly. I guess it would only make sense to update this pet to fall in line with the others.

Anyway, this is the beauty of the Pet Journal; there's so much potential in it for awesome details like flavor text, customization and other things. It makes pet collecting that much more fun, at least for me. What can I say? I love the care and attention the companions get when developers have the time and resources. It really shows in the final product.

That and minipets just plain awesome and adorable. It's a little friend that will loyally follow you without complaint into even the darkest and scariest places of Azeroth. Not to mention they'll never out roll you on gear or tell you you're doing healing/dps/tanking/whatever wrong. :P

Update: Wow, talk about detail! It looks like the flavor text for each pet is unique. So even if they might be similar (in model or type), such as the many cats or snake pets, each one has its own description rather than a copy paste for all them.

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