Thursday, May 24, 2012

MoP Catch and Release

In MoP there will be a new ability in the Pet Journal where you can choose to "release" pets. Releasing them is pretty much like tossing a companion that you don't want in your collection. The initial problem was that you could release just about any pet and there was no way to get them back if it was on accident. This has been resolved in the latest beta build:
"We have added restrictions on releasing pets in the latest build. The only pets you can release are ones that you have caught though the pet battle system. We have also made a change to the tooltips for pets so that it will always show the pets original name below the custom one." - Mumper
So you will only be able to release wild pets that have been caught through pet battles. Any companions obtained through quests, RL purchases, redemption codes, world drops, etc. won't be as easy to get rid of. Although I'm not sure why anyone would want to toss a pet to begin with! :P

And not really anything new or especially noteworthy, but it seems like the developers are having as an enjoyable time writing up the flavor text for the Pet Journal as I am reading them all:
"Really glad you guys are liking this. We were really excited to write them and they really bring a lot of flavor to the pets." - Mumper
Hooray :D

PS: Thanks to Daetur, there's a list of the flavor text for all the pets (so far - I'm sure more will be added in the future) on the WarcraftPets Forum! There's an even longer (and more complete?) list on MMO-Champion now. :D


  1. That's good news.
    I can imagine coming home, post beer, doing a little re-organising and later waking - to find that I'd accidentally released a pet.
    I'd like to think that wouldn't happen, with something like companions / pets, but you never know.

    1. @enigmachine: Definitely! It's good that Blizzard recognizes this and is putting some safeguards on our collections, especially for the pets that are very hard to come by.


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