Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love the Fetish Shaman Pet

My Diablo 3 CE arrived earlier than I expected it to! Hooray for the Fetish Shaman. :D

I didn't know he would be so tiny when summoned in WoW, so I gave him a pet biscuit.

He's quite the looker eh? :P After playing through D3 on my witch doctor, I've gotten pretty used to having him around. :)

Now if only they would add the little Fetishes, that spawn if I talent Fetish Sycophants, as minipets into WoW too. They're adorable even though they run around with a giant butcher knife all the time. XD It's their haircuts, damnit! The way they look from the back makes them look like little grey eggs wielding knives. lol!

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