Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pets For Sale On The Black Market

MMO-Champion has a preview of a new feature on the beta: The Black Market. It looks like certain NPCs from around the world have decided to expand their business into the shadier areas of Azeroth.
"It allows players to bid on special items that are not normally sold by NPCs. For example, Mei Francis normally sells mounts in Dalaran, but in this case he is auctioning Ashes of Al'ar!"
If you check out this screenshot, you might see a familiar name listed on The Black Market AH. Breanni, how could you?! :P

This is probably hinting that certain pets will be available from time to time on the new AH. Perhaps companions that are especially difficult to get or even pets that are no longer available. Hell, The Black Market would be a good opportunity for developers to sneak in those pesky holiday loot bag companions during the off-season. I'm all for multiple sources for those particular pets.

Do I dare hope for CE pets, older TCG pets, and event-exclusive companions as well?

It's too late, I'm already thinking about it now. Damnit.

There will probably be much discussion and disagreement over which pets should and should not be available through The Black Market. I can already think of a few pro's and con's IF companions in the aforementioned categories are included in the "should be" bunch.

We'll have to wait and see just which pets will be available through The Black Market. Which is fine, since that will give us some time to farm and save up some gold. It's just a preview, but 10,000 gold for a pet?! Shame that Azeroth's bankers don't give out bank loans. :P


  1. I personally think everyone got too distracted by the Ashes of A'lar to realise that on that screenshot there are pieces of t3 for sale. Will I finally be able to get the amazing priest t3? Please please let this be true on Live.

    And yes, it would be awesome if some TCG pets and mounts would be for sale here too.

    1. @Maru: It'll be interesting to see what the list of pets will be for the Black Market and how often the companions are posted up for sale. I just hope it doesn't encourage more gold buying just so people can make the max bid and win an item.

  2. I admit, my first thought was "MAYBE THEY WILL SELL MINI TYRAEL ON THERE!" And then I slapped myself because that's just not the sort of thinking I need to be having. Aside from the fact that I would never, ever have enough gold to buy it anyway, I mean. =p

    1. @Rachelle J: I would squeel out of joy yet die a little inside if they sell Mini Tyrael on the Black AH. There's no way I'd have enough to buy it either!


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