Saturday, May 12, 2012

MoP Beta - Title Change and Three New Pets

Ok. Blizzard is DEFINITELY trying to get as much out for testing before next week. :P Another beta patch!

It looks as though the developers agree with a portion of the pet collecting community and found that the "Tamer" title just didn't fit, so the achievement Time To Open a Pet Store will award the title "Zookeeper" instead.

I'm not sure if it's "*name* the Zookeeper" or "Zookeeper *name*". Wowhead News has "the Zookeeper", while MMO-Champion lists it without the "the" portion. Either way is fine, tbh. At least people won't mistake Quintessence for being untamed anymore! XD

New pets were also datamined from the beta:
Aqua Strider
All three of these pets are BoP.

Now, this is absolutely PURE speculation on my part, but seeing how a new Children's Week orphan was recently discovered, and now these three named, blue item quality, and BoP pets have been suddenly added as well... could these companions be the reward choices for next year's Children's Week event?

This is all based on... well nothing other than these items being datamined in the relatively same time frame. To me it just makes sense that if you're working on an upcoming project that has multiple pieces or parts, why not just complete all the parts at once?

Anyway, that's just my best guess! There's no indication of where these pets will come from yet.

I'm glad to see that Blizzard is still implementing some non-pet battles companions. Players who won't be participating in the new feature will have new things to collect in MoP too. :)

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